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Has this ever happened to you? 

  • You’ve got a last minute audition and are asked to read in a different accent to your own.
  • You’ve got into the rehearsal room to discover there isn’t an accent coach to support you.
  • Your acting company needs a specific accent but the funds are limited.
  • You’re on set or in ADR or doing radio work and asked ‘could you do that in another accent’?
  • You have some accent resources but they don’t give you the specific sounds you need.
  • To get what you need you have to buy too many other things, and that makes it expensive.

Do you find yourself wondering where you can buy that ONE accent you need at the last minute.

Does this all sound too familiar? 

The only solutions available to you are expensive books or cds… non-genuine samples… unreliable sources… not enough detail… too much detail… YouTube rabbit holes…

What you need is…

Easy access to an affordable accent resource that is specific to gender and characters’ playing ages at the press of a button.

That’s why we created The ACCENT Kit app

The ACCENT Kit app is a free download that includes a free accent.  You can start your user experience by familiarising yourself with the essential FIVE ELEMENTS needed to learn an accent:

  1. Free speech – a 2/3 minute story of personal interest
  2. Foundations – the facial SETTING, the focal ZONE and the TONE of an accent
  3. Vowels: words and sentences – the vowels sounds that give shape to your accent
  4. Consonants – the key six consonant sounds that can make or break your accent
  5. Practice text – the speaking reading, a set of text combining all the speech sounds of the accent for you to practice.

Extra benefits 

  • Each element is user friendly, straight forward and easy to navigate.
  • The ACCENT Kit includes a male and female speaker.
  • The ACCENT Kit includes access to The Accent Store, where you can browse the shelves and listen to a five second audio sample of each speaker.  Select the accent you require relative to your gender and character’s playing age.
  • You can build your own personal accent library and if you don’t find what you need in the store, click REQUEST ACCENT, we will add your request as soon as we can.
  • There will be ongoing additions to the Accent Store.
  • The ACCENT Kit includes a record and save your practice files feature.
  • All of the accent samples are genuine speakers of the accent, appropriate for actors, and validated by experienced professional dialect coaches.

The ACCENT Kit, we’ll help you build your very own accent library all at the touch of a button.

To download The Accent Kit for free, follow these links:

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